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The total software solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of the business of Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers and Stockists.

A tool for Post-Production Supply Chain Management (SCM) in distribution-oriented manufacturing organisations.

The target sectors of DealerMan v 7.1 are the manufacturers of a wide range of products such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Fertilisers, Processed Foods & Beverages
  • Automobiles, Auto Ancillaries and Auto Spare Parts
  • Steel, Consumer Durable Goods & Spare Parts
  • Paints, Electrical & Electronic Products
  • Telecom Components, Engineering Capital Goods & Spare Parts
  • Chemicals, Petrochemicals and related Products
  • Cement, Pesticides and Agro-chemicals 


DealerMan v 7.1 has its focus on:

  • TIGHT OPERATIONAL CONTROL on Pricing, Discounts, Allocations, Stocks, Promo Schemes, Payments, Collections, Out standings, Goods Returns / Replacements, Inventories, Credit/Debit Notes 
  • PLUGGING REVENUE LEAKAGES arising due to Incorrect Billing, Inaccurate Administration of Schemes, Aging Stocks, Non/Late Collection, Wrong Credit/Debit Notes, Errors in Goods Replacements, Incorrect Understanding of Terms & Prices of Incoming Goods etc.
  • TYPICALLY INDIAN COMPLEX GROUND REALITIES like Octroi, Central Sales Tax, Local Sales Tax, Surcharge, Turnover Tax, Entry Tax, C/D/H Forms etc. typical to Indian conditions as well as Goods Returned, Goods Damaged, Batch Prices, Part Payment, Late Payment, Credit/Debit Notes etc.
  • RESTRICTED ACCESS only to specifically designated persons for viewing (Need-to-Know basis) and for modifying critical parameters like Prices, Discounts, Schemes etc. (Authority-to-Change basis)
  • SECURITY AND FIDELITY OF DATA by ensuring No Corruption or Crashing of Data Files 
  • MIS REPORTS for Instant Decision Making with Coloured Graphs at a Click of the Mouse


Principal Characteristics of DealerMan v 7.1:

  • Monitoring from any remote location 
  • Tracking operations at multiple locations (branches and warehouses) remotely
  • Daily Parta Report providing summary of day's business
  • Parameterized set-up & operations and scalability for future expansion
  • Modular design and vertical data-flow both in on-line and off-line modes 
  • Creation of Data Warehouse to enable instant analysis for timely decision making 
  • Gateway to future technologies like e-commerce, m-commerce, convergence etc.
  • Seamless integration upwards with manufacturers / suppliers and downwards with customers
  • Ability to connect with popular ERP solutions like SAP, BaaN, MakEss, Oracle, J. D. Edwards 
  • Tailor-made customization to fulfil the specific needs of each distributor efficiently


Benefits of DealerMan v 7.1:

  • Plugging revenue leakage: directly reduce costs and increase profits (Cut Costs, Not Margins)
  • Automatic handling of Indian complex operational requirements such as octroi, multiple sales tax, surcharge, turnover tax, CST, C/D/H forms, goods return/damaged, batch-prices etc.
  • Quick and error-free order processing, invoices, dispatches and collections
  • Control over debit notes, credit notes, destruction, goods returns, goods replacements
  • Tracking of delayed orders, unfulfilled or partially fulfilled orders, order cancellations & modifications 
  • Tracking of collections and age-wise dues & overdues
  • Analysis of monthly sales performance and demand-supply imbalance
  • Assessing effectiveness of sales promotion schemes 
  • Evaluating performance of sales staff / field force
  • Understanding stock aging, slow-moving & non-moving stocks, goods nearing expiry date 
  • Complete product wise stock reconciliation and report on un-reconciled stocks
  • Detailed audit report on transactions and changes made to the database 


Technical Features of DealerMan v 7.1:

Technically, DealerMan software runs under Windows95/98/NT/2K environment on Visual Basic v 6.0 GUI. Backend database for DealerMan can be any ODBC connectable database engine like MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MS-Access, Paradox or even .dbf files. This RDBMS connectivity provides flexibility, upwards mobility of data, scalability, availability, consistency & security of data. Graphs & reports are integrated with Microsoft Excel.

In open database files structure like FoxPro or Clipper, operating staff can change sensitive and critical data like batch-prices, invoice values, discounts, product quantity or product codes without any trail. This has been a cause for revenue leakage and frauds in many enterprises. The RDBMS environment in DealerMan, with proper security & controls, prevents any data manipulation. DealerMan can run on any Pentium based computer with Windows-95/98/NT, 32 MB RAM & 132 column Dot Matrix Printer. DOS Printing is possible. In LAN environment, platform can be Novell NetWare or Windows NT. Files & data can be integrated with ERP software.

Main Operating Features of DealerMan v 7.1:

For Dealings with Manufacturers / Suppliers:

Purchase Order

Order Tracking & Modification


Goods Excess / Loss Control

Discount: Turnover / Volume 

Multiple Marketing Schemes

Goods Replacement

Credit / Debit / Replacement Notes

Company-wise Analysis

Bonus Quantity

For Dealings with Customers:  

On-Line Orders & Invoices

Off-Line Orders, Discretion & Invoices 

E1 Transactions

Discounts: Turnover / Volume

Counter Sales & Cash Memo 

Multiple Marketing Schemes

Delivery: Van / Carting

Delivery through Bank or Transporter

Van-wise Collection 

Bank Collection 

Customer-wise Analysis

Salesman-wise Analysis

Decision on Abnormal Quantities

Credit / Debit / Replacement Notes

Dues & Overdues 

Salesman Performance & Incentives

General Features of DealerMan v 7.1:

  • Red Alert Reports on Critical Issues for Instant Corrective Action 
  • Report on Minimum and Maximum Stock Quantities and Reorder Levels
  • Internal Transfer of Goods Among Depots
  • Reconciliation of Damages, Breakages, Spoilages etc.
  • Credit Notes and Debit Notes Adjustment in Invoices
  • Cost Price & Selling Price Masters for Each Product
  • All Documents for Different Taxes & Duties: C / D / H Form & Form 14 / 31 etc.
  • Sales Targets and Achievements for Each Product 
  • Daily Cash Flow Statements Incorporating Latest Payments & Receipts 
  • Complete Audit Trail to Enable Any Time Tracking of All Operational Activities
  • Choice of Operating with Keyboard Only or with Mouse & Keyboard 
  • Choice of Colours to Suit Personal Taste 

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