Government of India Empanelled IS Auditor under I. T. Act, 2000



BankMan is designed to computerise the operations of Branches of Banks. The Software not only takes care of the normal functions of a Bank branch but also generates a lot of MIS reports and the data can be used at H.O. to consolidate and generate various statuary returns and comparative statements.

The software has following modules -

Operative Modules –

  • Savings bank Accounts Module 
  • Current Accounts Module 
  • Cash Credit/Over Draft Accounts Module 
  • Term deposit Accounts Module 
  • Loan And Advances Accounts Module 
  • Pygmy Deposit Accounts Module 

Service Modules –

  • Centralised Inwards Clearing Module 
  • Centralised Outwards Clearing Module 
  • Centralised Cashier Module 
  • Cash Book/General Ledger Module 
  • Centralised Chequebook Depository 

Add-on Modules –

  • TeleBanking
  • IVR (Interactive voice response)
  • ATM
  • Signature storage and retrieval
  • Passbook Printing

The Software can be implemented either in Local Area Network (LAN) or any Multi-user environment. 

The software has been implemented in over 900 bank branches.

We offer total solution for retail bank branch automation, which includes –

  1. Selection of Hardware.
  2. Supply of user license.
  3. Customisation of software to suit the bank’s requirements.
  4. Training of personnel.
  5. Implementation and start-up of bank branch automation.
  6. Systems Audit of Branch.

Advantages to the bank, using our software BankMan v5.0 –

  1. Improve customer service in terms of speed, efficiency, accuracy, neatness and time saving.
  2. Increase in the bank deposit base, customer base and profitability improvement of upto 300% (when compared to operations before and after automation)
  3. Long-term benefits to the bank, in terms of customer loyalty, prevention of frauds, easy bank reconciliation, better internal controls, easier internal audits and complete transparency of operations.
  4. BankMan is designed for the year 2000 and the next century.
  5. All modules are operating on one database and new modules can be added in the future.
  6. 4 levels of robust security. 
  7. Special requirements for auditors.
  8. Lot of required, MIS and control reports.

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