Government of India Empanelled IS Auditor under I. T. Act, 2000   * * ISO 17799 / BS 7799 "Associate Consultant" of BSI


UNIQUE features at a glance

  1. Security & Controls :

    1. All critical master (static) data like Batch Price, Customer Master, Product Master, Bank, Scheme, Discount, etc. is controlled at HO. Normally, updating is not allowed at Depot. This is to prevent manipulation / change / diddling of price sensitive and other critical data.
    2. Management can define control over access to data / masters at depot level.
    3. All abnormal data entries (deviations from defined criteria) are recorded and highlighted, such as Special Discount, Special Price etc.
    4. Violation of defined parameters (such as credit-limit, out-standing etc.) requires HO approval and thus exercises control.
    5. Detailed Audit Report is provided for monitoring actions of users like add / modify / delete of Masters / Transactions / Printing of reports.
    6. The direct access to database is denied at depot level. It can be through the defined system only, with logging of operations.
    7. Alarm Report Advance report on stocks nearing expiry dates facilitates their timely disposal.
    8. The software rejects data inconsistency, if any, at every stage.
    9. Password security is provided at four levels - Supervisor, Depot Manager, Operator & Auditor.
    10. Operational rights / authorisation can be defined for different users at different locations as per the corporate policy / requirements, such as rights for addition / deletion etc. 

  3. Top Management Requirements : 

    1. MIS reports on Sales, Collection, Outstanding, Sales Growth, products sold (quantity / value) at four levels, month-wise / cumulative alongwith Graphical presentation.
    2. Customer related MIS provides business transaction history of the Customer like consolidated purchase till date, value of debit-notes / credit notes issued, value of unadjusted credits, invoice / cheque reversals.
    3. Stock related MIS (Graphs) in five options shows the receipt, issue, stock returned (added in stock), stock returned (not added in stock) of the product batch number-wise.
    4. Alphabetically arranged list (Tree-view) of Stock Balances, Customer Outstandings, Post-dated cheques etc.
    5. Top level MIS reporting including 10 Top Customers / 10 Top Outstandings - Division-wise and / or Depot-wise Report (on screen / paper / transfer through e-mail, directly to the concerned person).
    6. Most of the Top Management MIS reports are available in Graphical form also.

  5. Special Features :

    1. DepotMan v6.0 has extensive features including Order processing (Order Entry; Validation; Allocation; Dummy Invoice Processing; Managerial decision; Invoice processing; Packing Slips (Customer-wise and Consolidated) or Delivery Notes; LR Entry; and query); Stock entry; transfer; Excess/Loss; Reconciliation; Collection and Accounts Receivables; Credit Note / Debit Notes; Reports; Earmarking of goods; Quotations; Replacement; Debit Interest Calculation / Collection; Depot level accounting entries; MIS Reports; Destruction of Goods; Marketing Reports; Targets; Field Force Analysis; Forecasting; Data Transfer (Depot HO; Depot Manufacturing Location; Depot Depot; Depot - CWH) and HO consolidation interface; Graphical MIS module;.
    2. Most of the information is parameterized & can be defined as per requirement, e.g., defining no. of days for age-analysis, interest chargeable, alarm report on expiry of goods etc.
    3. Sales flash Report (weekly / daily / periodic) at all levels (Territory, District, Region, Depot and consolidated).
    4. On-line help / warning / prompt messages at all required places in the software.
    5. At all references for Master data "select table" is provided to select required codes. For example, Customer, Product, Tax-forms, Discount, Tax structure codes, Schemes, Delivery mode, Payment Mode, Octroi, etc.
    6. DepotMan creates Data Warehouse of all required historical data. This enables Data Mining for various analyses such as production / sales planning, forecasting, budgeting, monitoring promotional schemes, analyzing Field Force performance, analyzing overdue periods / averages, etc. even for past years.
    7. Software captures depot level expenses and other income to integrate with HO accounts.
    8. DepotMan has a HO consolidation module, at the top of all depot modules to consolidate all data / reports of all / selected depots. It is possible to integrate DepotMan with ERP software like SAP, Baan, etc. with or without HO module.
    9. Regular data transfer between locations (HO; depots; CWH; Manufacturing etc.). Entered data precedes Stock transferred from one location to another to avoid re-data-entry.
    10. Register of post-dated cheques is maintained.
    11. Field Force Analysis such as Sales per Field Staff, etc.
    12. Extensive MIS reports like Inventory / Out-standing report as number of days of Sales.
    13. Convenience tools are built-up in the software such as Date, Time, Calendar, Calculator (Standard / Scientific) in each window.
    14. Each report can be either printed or displayed on screen and then printed or saved as report file or sent through e-mail directly (If computer supports).
    15. Reconciliation of all types of stock movements can be done at HO level.
    16. DepotMan can be customised for the specific needs of the organisation. 

    1. Depot means any distribution location like branch, sales depot, C&FA, Secondary Sales Location, Distributor, Super Stockists, etc.
    2. All above functions are available in DepotMan-XP Software. Lower level software may not have some features.